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Time & Place

May 22, 2015, 7-11 PM

Germaine Marvel Building

Art & History Museums Maitland
210 W Packwood Ave
Maitland, FL 32751


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Art & History Museums Maitland

Maven Creative


Ivan Depeña

Ivan Depeña - Interactive Van Gogh Painting

Interactive Van Gogh Painting
Commissioned for the Van Gogh Alive exhibition at Discovery Place. Concept and Art Direction: Ivan Depeña. Programming: Nathan Selikoff.


Mark J Stock

Mark J Stock - WAVE



Micaël Reynaud

Micaël Reynaud - amalgamation

Motion : Micaël Reynaud, Portraits : Michael Jang. Courtesy Snap! Space and Art Attacks.


Gustavo Torres

Gustavo Torres - Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs
Courtesy Snap! Space and Art Attacks


James Kerr

James Kerr - Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs
Courtesy Snap! Space and Art Attacks


Rafael Rozendaal

Rafael Rozendaal - neo geo city .com

neo geo city .com
Supported by Zkm Karlsruhe. Collection of Jeremy Bailey and Kristen D Schaffer. Code by Reinier Feijen.


Rafael Rozendaal - nothing ever happens .com

nothing ever happens .com
In Collaboration with MocaTV & Sebastian Teubner. Code by Reinier Feijen.


Skip Dolphin Hursh

Skip Dolphin Hursh - GIF Collaborations

GIF Collaborations
Collaboration with Cindy Suen.


Skip Dolphin Hursh - Animated GIF 080213

Animated GIF 080213


Skip Dolphin Hursh - Animated GIF 043014

Animated GIF 043014


Brian Carlson

Brian Carlson - Turn It Loose

Turn It Loose


Shannon Staunton

Shannon Staunton - Untitled



Travis Stearns

Travis Stearns - Opium God Mode

Opium God Mode
Collaboration with Joshua Clancy of Oval-X Eternal


Michael Forrest

Michael Forrest - It Was All YOLO

It Was All YOLO


Michael Forrest - Untitled



Michael Forrest - Winning



Chris Levin

Chris Levin - The Nontent

Art by Michael Forrest, Animation by Chris Levin


Nathan Selikoff

Nathan Selikoff - Searching for the Flow of the Tropical City

Searching for the Flow of the Tropical City


Carl Knickerbocker

Carl Knickerbocker - SP #18

SP #18


Allison House

Allison House - Mirror Universe

Animated GIFs
Mirror Universe, Volumetric Drive-by, Effulgent Artifact, Limbo, HF1 Television Sweep, Cedar Waxwing, Stillness, Tweedy’s Summer Noon


Dan L. Hess

Dan L. Hess - Separation



Reina Castellanos

Reina Castellanos - VERB/O



Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks - Manchester

The Immersion project is a collaboration with Curated Place and supported by Arts Council England.


Ginger Leigh / Synthestruct

Ginger Leigh - SPECTREM



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